Posted by: DHE Rwanda | August 8, 2012

Settling Tank part two

Against all expectations, Kevin, Merritt, Adam, and I, along with all our hired laborers, finished pouring the settling tank a week and a half ago.  We stayed 30 minutes the normal end of the work day, and let the workers go half an hour early the next day.  It was quite a race to get the pouring done by the end of the day, especially because we had to make constant repairs to the formwork as we poured.  Unfortunately, we were only able to find extremely low quality plywood for the settling tank.  It kept buckling and breaking under the weight of the wet concrete.  We pulled off the formwork around the tank starting on Monday.  It wasn’t pretty, because of all the difficulties with the formwork, but very solid.  Mayor, a Rwandan foreman we’ve hired, has been cleaning up the tank by mortaring the sections that did not turn out as cleanly as we had hoped.Image

Kevin and Merritt examine the penstock leading out of the newly poured settling tank


More photos to come once the mortaring is completed.




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