Posted by: DHE Rwanda | August 8, 2012


There are one hundred eighty-five vertical meters between the village of Nyamirambo and the hydroelectric site.  We have, or have used, 110 fifty kilogram bags of cement, several tons of gravel, several tons of sand, dozens of meters of steel rebar, roofing material, lumber, and numerous other tools and materials.  The whole village has been helping us get this material to the installation site.  We’ve had four big days, when we hired out local villagers to carry material down – one for sand, two for gravel, and one for the bags of cement.



Some rebar



a villager empties his sack of gravel into the pile.  The gravel will be used in concrete for the weir, kiosk, and settling tank.



  1. It is always good people are helping out.

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