Posted by: DHE Rwanda | July 28, 2012

The Settling Tank

The last few days, the team has been hard at work on the settling tank.  Just about everyone has taken a turn using the Hilty and Bosch rock drills to drill holes in the bedrock below the settling tank to anchor the settling tank to the rock.  Natalie Burkhard `12, Kevin Francfort `15, and Finlay McPhail (Imperial College London) `13 constructed the rebar frame for the forebay by bending rebar with the massive rebar bender and wiring it together in the shape of the frame.  Mayor, the Rwandan engineer we’ve hired, led the team of subcontractors that built the wooden formwork that functions as a sort of a mold for the concrete around the rebar frame of the forebay.


Finlay and Merritt discuss the location of holes to anchor the forebay


Finlay and Merritt work on the anchor holes for the forebay.


Finlay drills holes for the settling tank


Mayor and a few laborers prepare the formwork


Natalie and Kevin construct the rebar frame


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