Posted by: DHE Rwanda | August 31, 2011

We’re Still Alive, and We’ll Have More Pictures Soon

Hola compadres! Just a quick update on what we’re all up to. Right now most of the team is in Banda: Mike, Emily, Wouter and Collin have been steadily working on the turbine, which is now spinning like it should with a beautiful power curve and putting out about half a kilowatt; Yi is wrapping up the surveys and slated to return on Friday. We bid our sad farewells to Richard and Mikolaj last week when they left for more northern climes; the rest of team e.quinox is in Tanzania working on one of their solar projects, but late this week a whole new crew of them is coming through. Ted and Joey left for Butare to do site assessment in the Southern Province at noon today, leaving me all alone (snif) to source parts in Kigali. I’ll be traveling to Banda tomorrow morning with a cargo of said parts for the system and first world fripperies for our long-suffering friends who are probably by now thoroughly sick of rice and beans. I’ll return next week and hopefully have a bunch of pictures of the working system! And maybe the beautiful power curve. Take care y’all.




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